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Emerik Bernard (1937-2022)
For his works exhibited at the 1986 Venice Biennale

Emerik Bernard is undoubtedly one of the most original Slovenian painters of 1980s. His paintings combine his broad theoretical knowledge and his primal expressive power. Bernard's depictive processes range from the allusions to selected landscape motifs with an emphasis on tectonics to the unique »shaped canvases« which promote the expression of the autonomy of painting material, colour and structure of the image in a very uncommon way. Firmly rooted in the Istrian landscape outlines, Emerik Bernard absorbs the cultural, historical and existential features of that environment, and connects the most valuable local tradition with the modernist visual arts approaches suggestively. These very qualities have ranked his works at the forefront of European painting after the Venice Biennale.
Istrski palimpsest, 1985
akril, montaža na platnu; 219 x 310 cm

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