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Gustav (Avgust) Gnamuš (1941)
For his exhibition at the Small Gallery

Gustav Gnamuš, a formally trained painter, builds his painting on the European and American concepts of the image field as a »model« for structuring the painting language. He builds his painting by a series of units, which cannot be reduced further. He composes the high-graded and monitored structure order with them. Thus, he achieves pure aesthetic statements, solid in their form and noble in their effect, communicating nothing else but their own inside – their art concept. He enhances formalism to perfection and reveals the sublime abstraction behind analytical processes as well as the special metaphysics of the colour composition which takes the viewer into contemplation and lifts his or her mood. We may claim that today Gnamuš is a representative of that eminent modernism, which reached universal rules and effects of a pure aesthetic statement from the painting material resources. He reached the ideal level of Slovenian modernism, and through his painting materialised the spiritual and emotional conditions in the brilliantly coloured Mise-en-scène.
Brez naslova, 1990
akril, platno; 240 x 100 cm

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