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Jakov Brdar (1949)
For his exhibition at the Small Gallery

The sculptor Jakov Brdar is a member of the Slovenian sculpture generation formed in the 1970s and creating their prime works in the 1980s and 1990s. These are world-renowned sculptors, which represent the forefront of the Slovenian post-war sculpture. When speaking about Brdar’s sculpture oeuvre, there is not much change in his style over time. From the very outset, his focus was on a movement of the hand, which brought to life certain materials, mostly clay, in a way that was extremely sensuous, expressive but also intelligent and spiritual. Rising before our eyes is a live, throbbing materiality of the shaped clay and a content projection, which the artist picked for his basic theme. What is important is to model not only the surface but also the whole substance, using different parts of the hand. Brdar keeps this strategy in all his casts, negatives, tusks and arches, torsos and creations from painting. When classifying his work within contemporary art movements, one could say it is still classic but also modern at the same time.
bron; 24 x 8 x 30 cm

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