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France Mihelič (1907-1998)
For his printmaking oeuvre

In 1954, France Mihelič created a whole range of extremely interesting, technically perfected original prints of high artistic value, which included woodcuts, colour woodcuts, relief etchings, colour lithographs, etc. These prints were not only formally made in a truly modern spirit but were truthful expressions of a unique art persona also in terms of their content. They attested to a sincere and perceptively entirely original spirit who is essentially progressive while remaining warm and sincere. Mihelič's prints from 1954, which are essentially a logical continuation of his youthful beginnings in graphic art, are mature and truly unique works of art. They had a penetrating impact on the professional art scenes at home and abroad, attracting a series of awards and accolades. In 1954, in a series of international exhibitions, France Mihelič exhibited his older works as well as the prints made that year. He was awarded at the 27th Venice Biennale, and one original print was bought by the Cincinnati Art Museum. Mihelič’s then works were undoubtedly considered one of the pinnacles of the still-emerging contemporary Slovenian printmaking. In 1954, it was France Mihelič’s prints which brought much-deserved international recognition for Slovenian visual art.
Kronist, 1955
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