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Riko Debenjak (1908-1987)
For his prints in 1959

The painter Riko Debenjak established a contemporary expression of artistic printmaking based on the Slovenian folk tradition and its centuries-old motifs. With a contemporary touch, he endowed beehive panels, the »nečke« (a shallow wooden dish for bread making) and other folklore objects with new artistic value. As an artist, Riko Debenjak is known for his unusual, original and bold printmaking touch, making his signature expression recognised internationally in the world centres of printmaking. In addition to the folklore motifs, a whole series of other modern-day elements and motifs were present in the prints from his last year, coloured in his own scale of print shades. By creating harmonious and aesthetic original prints, he opened new paths of contemporary expression to Slovenian printmaking.
Istranke, 1953
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