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Stojan Batič (1925-2015)
For the sculpture series »Miners«

With his sculpture series »Miners«, Stojan Batič attained a balance between the motifs of his sculptural works and their realization. In the construction of his unique sculptures, the artist deliberately dug deeper and made the interior become his real model. Batič ultimately succeeded in creating the image of today's working man – the dignity of his being, the hardness and beauty of his work, and the natural struggle of his work which marks his heart, his hands and his head. Through his sculptures, Batič expressed his in-depth understanding of the work of miners and bowed before their greatness. The »Miners« is a thoughtful collection of sculptures demonstrating the emotional involvement of the artist as he honoured the silent heroes and gave them their own artistic image.
Rudarji, 1960

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