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Veno Pilon (1896-1970)
For his lifetime achievement in painting

The lifetime achievement of Veno Pilon, a painter and printmaker, was most directly and comprehensively shown at the exhibition in the Modern Gallery in Ljubljana in December 1966. After his studies in Prague, Florence and Vienna, he had his first solo exhibition in Ljubljana in 1923. His works, portraits, landscapes and still lifes represented the purest and most personal version of Slovenian art at the time of Expressionism and New Objectivity. After 1928, Pilon moved to Paris and worked across the field of culture, remaining always intimately connected with progressive aspirations of the Slovenian nation. His creative peak in painting is limited to a relatively short period of time, and yet it displays an extraordinary expressive power, thus taking a special and important place in the treasure trove of Slovenian art. It combines a Mediterranean feel for explicit physicality with a poetic, profoundly socially sensitive experience of the native landscape and people. With its expressive power, it goes beyond the rational, growing into a real humanistic message of a man of Pilon's generation.
Portret skladatelja Marija Kogoja, 1923
o. pl.

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