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Zoran Didek (1910-1975)
For his lifetime achievement and exhibition in 1974

In his work, Professor Zoran Didek, a formally trained painter, covered almost all areas of human and social activities which involve the concepts of fine art and art. Constant reflection on secrets of the art theory guided him and his students into the wider world of visual arts. At the same time, he was testing this theory in practice actively. He passed on his own artistic experience and knowledge as well as the experience of others to help cultivating both the living space and the workspace as well as the social awareness in general artistic and fine art terms. Apart from painting and studying of art, he tested his new discoveries in practice successfully in different areas: fine art for interiors, business premises, factory halls and machines, decorative painting and industrial design, memorial, book design, organisation and layout of exhibitions, mural painting, jewellery design and art movie. He published his theoretical findings in a series of articles, catalogues and brochures, which were distributed both at home and abroad. He introduced his art findings into his educational work in secondary schools, the School of Design, the Pedagogical Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts, and so cultivated young Slovenian fine artists in their beginnings and first creations. Zoran Didek was a pioneer in many areas of visual arts manifestation in our culture. He was also a painter with a strong artistic personality as demonstrated in his distinctive and full-blooded painting of every new work of art. His paintings expressed a special unity and creative order based on diversity and constant social commitment, which made him one of our universal bearers of the art sentiment.
V internacijo, 1947
o. pl.

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