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Miha Maleš (1903-1987)
For his printmaking, painting and illustration work

Next to Božidar Jakac, Miha Maleš was one of the pioneers of contemporary Slovenian printmaking, a representative of the aspirations of post-expressionistic art and a member of the group of artists known as the Fourth Generation. A virtuoso of relaxed drawings whose structures are not restricted by romantic limits or predetermined ethical postulates, he introduced into Slovenian art the anxiety of concurrent or recently completed quests and findings of the Western world, only to rework and adapt them to a revalued ideal of contemporary, more cosmopolitan Slovenian art. Maleš was a representative of the belief that the field of art is not delineated and that any task is worthy of artist's attention; hence his work in the fields of drawing, printmaking, painting, illustration, book design, graphic design and writing on art. His art submitted to nothing but creative imagination. It adapted only to the given task, making lively, relaxed playfulness its dominant content.
Ilustracija Prešernovega Sonetnega venca, 1955
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