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Nikolaj Omersa (1911-1981)
For his creative achievements in painting

Formally trained painter Nikolaj Omersa began his career as a member of the Independent Group. He exhibited extraordinary colour sensitivity and a sophisticated sense of colour composition. The painter's motifs and his world have remained torn between two related fields which were important to him – nature and portraits. In his vedute, landscapes and still lifes, he turned simple things into beautiful colour narratives. In the colours provided by nature he sought not big effects but the subtleties which can only be detected by the most sensitive painter’s or artist's eye. Omersa developed as an artist and reached the pinnacle of Slovenian art as one of its best colourists. An excellent portrait artist, he could delve into the essence of the man, their spirituality and emotions – achieving all this with a sophisticated fluid drawing technique, which was like a framework to him, as well as with colours, which enabled him two things: the characterisation of the portrayed person and the fullness, near perfection of colour. Even though they are considered to be highly spontaneous, Omersa's paintings always contain traces of serious effort and study, a thorough knowledge of contemporary painting, as well as convey his ability to choose from familiar characters to create new, personalised colourful organisms. Therefore, despite the linearity and insistence on the motifs he focused on at the very beginning, a seeker is always present in the artist. His contribution to the paining of landscapes, vedute, and still lifes makes him one of the most important Slovenian painters. With his exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad, he always attracted critical and popular acclaim. His artistic value and trueness to his artistic expression is also evidenced in his excellent youth illustrations.
V pristanišču, 1955
olje, platno; 109,5 x 74,5 cm

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