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Vladimir Makuc (1925-2016)
For his printmaking oeuvr

The printmaking oeuvre of Vladimir Makuc combines the best achievements of contemporary graphic art. It evolved at a time when some traditional values gave way to new notions, beliefs and a new, broader and deeper artistic sensibility. After he had reproduced, with extraordinary technical mastery, scenes of the Primorska region landscape, architecture and life on a few dozens of original prints, complementing them with monumental human figures – often impersonations of the spirit of the National Liberation Struggle, in which he himself actively participated – he incorporated in his lyrical world many of the forces, motors and ingredients of modern environment and life, using his original, unique interpretation. Makuc is a master of the subtle conveyance of personal relationships with the world and life. He communicates local and personal issues in an internationally comprehensible visual language, but also in a signature style.

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