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Ive Šubic (1922-1989)
For his paintings

Ive Šubic was one of the most prolific Slovenian artists. Starting in the graphic department of the Central Printing Shop of the Communist Party of Slovenia, his career encompassed painting, printmaking, drawing, monumental wall compositions and illustrations. He was a master of woodcut and linocut. His drawings, prints and paintings combine figurative representations with expressionistic accents and magical realistic dimensions, linking all this to Slovenian folk tradition, the rustic genre, and to partisan and revolutionary themes. This is equally matched by his artistic study of landscapes as well as his massive series of youth book illustrations, and newspaper and magazine picture books. He was a regular guest at many important visual art events and the author of important monumental artworks, including the mosaic on the monument to the National Liberation Struggle in Dražgoše.
Nedeljski pogovor, 1966
o. pl.

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