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Božidar Jakac (1899-1989)
For his prolific exhibition record in recent years and his active presence as an artist in the Slovenian and Yugoslav cultural environments

Academician and Professor Božidar Jakac was a central figure of the Slovenian art scene. His influence spanned over six decades and his keen, original creativity is still evident today in various exhibitions of his works. The general popularity of his oeuvre adds to its great significance, making him a people’s artist in the best sense of the word. In his prolific period, Božidar Jakac created a magnificent gallery of poetic prints, portraits and high artistic value documents of the time of the National Liberation Struggle and the People's Revolution. His mastery of different methods of visual language allowed him to convey to the world his power of imagination, emotional tension and the underlying poetry. The versatility of Jakac's art is reflected in his high quality illustrations, brand designs, photography, film as well as his organisational efforts – be it his contribution in establishing the Academy of Fine Arts, in printmaking, disseminating art among the masses or his educational work, generously sharing his knowledge with young talents.
Plesalca, 1921

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