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Janez Bernik (1933)
For his visual creations in recent years

Janez Bernik is one of the most prominent Slovenian fine artists who established his reputation not only in the area of ex-Yugoslavia, but also in the world ever since the early 1960s. He works in several fields: painting, printmaking, sculpture, poetry, book design, drawing and teaching. The artist made his original contribution to the European art informel by passing various levels of creating magma, characters and figurative art. In recent years, he has created new types of painting. His response to spiritual and cultural conditions in the world and in at home is at all times personal and original. When he moves from one creative era to another, this is never a point of break or denial of his experience, but rather an enhancement for all his further work. Bernik in his creativity has always made an experimental and problem-oriented contribution to Slovenian art that is fresh, bold and inventive. It expresses exceptional quality and the author's artistic character.
Iz cikla Sence na duši, 1988
mešana tehnika, papir

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