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Drago Tršar (1927)
For his lifetime achievement

Drago Tršar, along with Jakob Savinšek and Slavko Tihec, has had a key role in the development of contemporary Slovenian sculpture. After the generation of the Independent Group, which started to reach beyond realism by simplifying and compressing the form, Drago Tršar outlined, at the very beginning of his career, his vision of sculpture as haptic design so intense as to enable the matter to live a life of its own. Imprinted on the energy body of the statue, the primary and eruptive power of this original method of sculpting gives meaning to its content, based on the motifs of man or nature. The geometrised or archetypal forms and his vividly treated surfaces delicately follow the source of inspiration or the commission guidelines, making the whole seem monumental, expressive or dramatic, yet at other times lyrical, intimate, and erotic. This mastery and a signature personal expression are the result of careful creative consideration both through sculpture and drawing, the latter being an equally important part of Tršar’s expression. His work will go down in Slovenian history as, above all, a sensitive and artistically dignified interpretation of the spirit of the Slovenian post-war era, when the main dilemma was how to reconcile the will, ability and honour of the individual with the common aspirations of the crowd.
Svetloba od zgoraj, 1989
bron; 66 x 24 x 12 cm

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