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Emerik Bernard (1937-2022)
For outstanding achievements in visual arts

Professor Emerik Bernard, a formally trained painter, is one of the most important Slovenian artists of this century. In his work, he has combined a sense of a magnificent form with various elements of both Modern and Postmodern visual arts, upgrading the Slovenian tradition of landscape painting effectively and inventing a completely original synthesis of realistic and abstract images. Initially, he used the techniques of collage to do »objective paintings« which utilised discarded waste materials to bring attention to the multifaceted forms of alienation in our civilisation. After 1980, he painted a series of Istrian motifs, reproducing the local spirit with a skilled hand and a deep thought about the ethnographic details. Bernard's painting is based on a mentally demanding, yet intimately felt analysis of the modern art painting, its concepts and techniques. Yet, to him, the painting is an artistically perceived relief of the soul, succumbing abstract elements to the prolific expression of Postmodern art.
Istrski palimpsest, 1985
akril, montaža na platnu; 219 x 310 cm

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